Move over, glue guns: In the digital era, there are hot new additions to the standard scrapbooking toolkit.

Whether you're putting together a physical book to document last year's epic road trip or crafting an online family photo album to share with aunts and uncles scattered all over the globe, these apps can help any digital documentarian take their scrapbooking game up a notch. 

The icing on the cake: Each of the below apps is ranked highly for intuitive user-experience — so saving, sharing, and printing your online or mobile creations is simple, even if you're not the most tech-savvy member of the family. 

Pixlr's web-based and mobile apps are so much more than simply a free Photoshop alternative. The Pixlr Editor and Express apps, available online, allow users to adjust and personalise images — everything from the basics like red-eye removal, filter overlays, and opacity adjustments, to the ropes course including working in layers, background "noise" removal, image sharpening, color replacement, and more. In addition, Pixlr's mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android) is one of the most powerful free photo editors for quick fine-tuning of images directly from your mobile device.

The Express app in particular is an intuitive, simple tool for adding text, borders, and other customised touches to your photos. 

Add a filter overlay to every image in a collection to give your photos a uniform look and feel (i.e. sepia tone or another color adjustment).

Remove a busy background from an otherwise lovely selfie or portrait, and experiment with the app's fun double-exposure features for jaw-dropping images.

As this app's name suggests, Pic Collage is a useful tool for creating professional-looking photo montages with a simple swipe of a finger. The app's easy-to-use grids come in either pre-formatted templates or allow for freestyle finagling, so users can get as creative as they'd like with their layouts.

Another useful feature included in this app is its supplemental image search, which lets users look for stock photos or web-based images to add oomph to any photo collage. Exclusive stickers and backgrounds allow for further image customisation.

This app makes it easy to impress even the most eye-roll-inclined of pre-teens with integration with a wide range of social sites, like image-grabbing from Facebook and Instagram and video support for stories from Snapchat. Tell an entire story of an event, relationship, or milestone in one shareable image.

Take your Facebook birthday photo collages up a notch by including GIFs alongside both silly and serious photos.

Craft an all-in-one visual story to re-cap your family vacation, complete with seasonal backgrounds and fun stickers.

Embrace your inner Picasso with the app's Doodle feature, which allows you to draw on image collages and add your own creative flair.

For anyone nostalgic for the days of physical, printed photos and scrapbooks, Project Life is one of the most comprehensive tools for getting photos off your mobile device and out into the world. 

This app and album kit is geared toward the ambitious crafter: The tools require a deeper dive, time-wise. But, they're an ideal option for those interested in more of a traditional scrapbook look and feel. The kit's easy-to-use features put serious scrapbooking skills in the palm of your hand, and provide crafters with tons of shortcuts for impressive album pages in mere minutes — no cutting and pasting required. It's easy to play around with from anywhere, so you can start your travel scrapbook even before you've left the airport. 

12x18 Photo Album

Give your photos a backstory with the app's journaling feature, which adds beautiful, handwriting-style typography to album pages.

View the app's YouTube tutorials to get started or if you find yourself needing a little push in the right creative direction.

Regardless of your scrapbooking style, the above tools can help you preserve and share your digital memories in neat, clean, and professional-looking packaging — without going to battle with your hot glue gun or hole puncher.

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